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Write SEO in 2018

2008, we evolve on a bunch of these fronts, but not all of them and certainly not perfectly. I. Keywords are still important in important locations II. Exact matching still matters in a lot of places. So people were crafting unique pages even for keywords that shared the same intent. Blue watches and blue timepieces might have two different pages. Blue watch and blue watches could even have two separate pages and do effectively well in 2008. 2018, that’s not the [...]


8 Mistakes SEO Technique You Must Avoid

Friends with Google is one of the most appropriate measures taken to small and medium scale businesses or SMEs. Not too large investment needed to build a business through the Internet, where you can shop online for 24 hours / 7 days. Utilizing Google as a media to drive traffic to your online store is one you should do. Broadly speaking, you can read my previous article about tips for optimizing a website so that Google friendly. Not only SMEs [...]