PS POS Software Touchscreen


PS POS Software Touchscreen

Good news we already finished our software development PSGarment with touchscreen support. We develop it with delphi and can combine with web based. PSGarment software is an application developed for boutique shop, garment and manufacture. This software module include a process of sale (POS), production, consigment in / out product, inventory and already integrated with accounting process.

PSGarment is designed with an architecture which data on server and can access with more than one client via local or internet. Multi user and multi tasking. Also there is tools for backup and restore. This software is equipped with a security system which optimized to ensure the application is accessed by authorized users.

PSGarment Software Module

1. Setup
– Category
It is a data entry categories / types of goods.
– Goods Style
It is a data entry style.
– Color
It is entry for goods color.
– Size
It is entry data goods size.
– Unit
It is entry data goods unit.
– Store/Outlet
It is data entry store/outlet.
– Barcode System
It is a system to create barcode and can be read by barcode scanner
– User Data
It is a data entry for user of the system.
– Setup Embedded Product
It is a data entry for embedded product.
– System Default
It is a data entry parameters, such as the store name, address, telephone number.

2. Transfer Stock/Consignment Out
– Transfer Stock / Stock Out
Transfer stock transaction.
– Return Transfer Stock
Return transfer stock transaction.
– List Transfer Stock
List transfer stock transaction.
– List Return Transfer Stock
List return transfer stock transaction.

3. Sales
– Sales Transaction
Entry sales transaction.
– Return Sales Transaction
Entry return sales transaction.
– List of sales
List of sales transaction.
– List Return Sales
List return sales.
– Close Cashier
Closing cashier transaction.

4. Purchase
– Purchase Transaction
Entry purchase transaction.
– Return purchase Transaction
Entry return purchase transaction.
– List of purchase
List of purchase transaction.
– List Return Purchase
List return purchase.

5. Consignment In
– Consignment In
Entry for data consignment from other vendor.
– Consignment In Return
Entry for data consignment in return.

6. Production
– Setup Master Data
It is a data entry for master data production.
– Setup recipe for each product
It is a data entry setup recipe for each product.

7. Report
– Recap Sales
Displaying recap report of overall sales stores.
– Sales Details
Displays a detailed report of overall store sales.
– Pareto Item Report By Qty dan By Value
Displaying report goods sold / best seller by Qty and Value.
– Invoice Sales Consignment
Displaying invoice report to vendor.
– Payment Sales Consignment
Displaying payment report from invoice.
– Stock Report
Display the stock in the respective outlets.
– Production Report
Display each production transaction,.

8. Barcode System
– Create barcode
Process create barcode.
– Print Barcode
Process print barcode.

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