Point Of Sale / POS System

Point of Sale / POS System

Point of sale systems / POS System are the core of your business. They track sales, inventory, process payments and help keep your customers happy. Since a point of sale system issuch a crucial part of your success, we put our research skills to work to help you make the right choice. We evaluated a long list of POS providers to determine which companies provide business owners with POS systems for a low start-up cost, and which ones offer a good selection of hardware, software and mobile tools, as well as exceptional after-purchase care.

Terminals & Peripherals:
There is a huge variety of point of sale hardware available online. We looked for POS companies that at least offer touchscreen systems, which is what many restaurants are now using. We also looked at whether they provide a range of full-system options and whether they provide popular peripherals such as barcode printers, customer displays and PIN pads.

POS Software:
For the most part, POS resellers offer popular point-of-sale software such as QuickBooks POS, Cash Register Express, Restaurant Pro Express and Aldelo. However, a few offer software such as Harbortouch or proprietary retail POS software. We looked at which software each service sells, as well as the quality of the software. When it comes to features, or what your POS equipment can do, these are software dependent, not hardware related. If you need features such as table assignments in your restaurant or inventory reports for your retail store, you will need to obtain software that can do that for you.

After Purchase Care:
Keeping your POS terminal running smoothly is critical. Good customer support can often be a decisive factor in selecting retail POS systems. Frequently, service plans require a monthly or yearly support fee, but it is worth it for 24/7 support and conveniences such as overnight delivery of replacement parts. We contacted the POS providers we reviewed to ask them what support services they offer their clients after purchase. We looked for afterhours telephone support, installation assistance, training, remote support and more to determine which POS company offers the best post-sales support.

Mobile & Wireless Technology:
The demand for mobile POS terminals is increasing. In this category, we rated those companies that offer wireless tableside, or inventory tools at the minimum, the highest. Others that offer software compatible with the iPad and Android devices also received a bump in their ratings in this category for staying abreast of current technologies.

For reasons that have yet to be proven, an attractive POS system with efficient software increases business. Customers seem to like to see technologically advanced systems, and they definitely enjoy a speedy, accurate checkout. If you are using a clunky old cash register or if your company is just starting out, take the time to find the perfect POS system for your business. It will speed up your checkouts, streamline your accounting and keep your customers happy.

POS Setup and configuration :

1. General Setup

– Major Group

– Family Group

– Unit

– Sales Price

– Recipe

2. Outlet

3. Shift

4. Payment type

5. Waiter/s

6. User Management

– User

– User right

7. Transaction

– Add Transaction

– Edit Transaction

– Void Transaction

– Split Transaction

– Settle Transaction

– Reprint Bill

– Close Cashier

8. Close Day

9. Report

– Today Compliment

– Today Sales Report

– Sales Detail By Transaction

– Sales Detail Report Per-Date

– Sales Score Report

– Sales Analysis Summary Report

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