Sistem Hotel Managemen

Front office Modul

  • Hotel Status dari Main Screen
  • Guest Check In Screen
  • Guest Check Out Screen
  • Day Use Feature
  • Extra Charge posting and defining Extra Charge Package
  • Multi currency settlement & print folio and bills.
  • Meal plan to select on room.
  • Guest Snaps with Web cam at Various Stages of Stay.
  • Flat Discount and various types of discount can be offered
  • Split Folio option to separate on extra charge and room tariff
  • Close folio option for long staying guest
  • Advance deposit and refund option
  • Direct Billing / City ledger and Folio Transfer options for settlement.
  • Do-Not rent feature for black listed Guest.
  • How to identify from the main screen room is vacant or reserve or checked in mode?
  • Automatic folio routing for different folio of extra charge.
  • Wakeup Call and Guest follow up option.
  • Night audit process with automated backup system and reporting’s.
  • Flexible Rate strategy management.

Reservasi & Group Booking Managemen

  • Single Reservation and Group Handling
  • Room Inventory View provides 7 days rooms position with room type summary
  • Setup of Release Date and Time For Any Reservation and Booking
  • Option to Cancel or No Show Any Reservation Or Group Booking
  • Group Check In & Check Out
  • Applying group Rate, Group Discount & Group Settlement
  • Group Folio option and Email group Folio
  • Printing of Guest Registration card In advance

Back Office Modul

  • Managing Miscellaneous Sales that is Accounts Receivable.
  • Managing Expense that is Account Payable.
  • Creation of City Ledger/ Direct Billing Company Account with Credit Limits Setup
  • City ledger account printing and emailing facility
  • Creation Of Market Segment For Defining Business Sources
  • Creation of Business Source with Special Rates
  • User Profile Definition to Control Each Function & Report Access
  • Complete Audit Trail Maintained

Guest Relationship Management Modul

  • Ready guest Database with General Guest Details
  • Recording of Personal Details & Preference of Guest
  • Designing Guest Feedback Form & Recording Of Feedback
  • Email Option to Send Guest Wishes On Different Occasions
  • Detailed customer profiling as 360* Profiling of individual guest

Laundry Managemen

  • Laundry Managemen

Banquet Managemen

  • Booking and Reservation of Conference & Banquets
  • Menu Card Definition & event Quotations
  • Planning invoicing and payment of conference packages


  • Mini-bar

Housekeeping Module Managemen

  • Defining house Keeping Schedule
  • Track & Lost

Maintenance Management Modul

  • Module objective
  • To Keep Record of items in hotel


  • Enables Default Posting of Attendance data
  • Leave management & other

Reports Modul

  • Report objective
  • Quarter reports
  • Powerful taxation report
  • Facilities with each report.
  • Print & preview

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