Helpdesk Response System

Helpdesk Response System is designed to accommodate the problems that occur in various types of companies such as business companies, hotels, etc. This system is made to record all problems that occur in a company. The system can also indicate the status of the problem (Unresolved, In Progress, Resolved). This system is also equipped with escalation system where every problem we can set how long the completion.

If the problem can not be resolved within the period that has been in the setting then the system will send alerts via telegram message and email. With the escalation system can improve the performance of employees in your company. Thus the use of this system is expected to help manage the problems that occur, speed up the process of problem solving so as to improve the quality of service of a company.

Helpdesk Response System Modules :

  1. Incident Report. Record all sorts of incidents that occurred
  2. Smile Report. Notes testimony from clients who are satisfied with the services they get.
  3. Glitch Report. Record all problems that occur / complain from the client.
  4. Work Order. Recording requests from one department to another.
  5. Management Report. Noting the difficulties experienced by managers in performing their duties so as to help the management to make the right decision for the company’s progress.
  6. Ambassador Report. Record all activities undertaken by the staff who served as ambassadors.
  7. MOD Report. Record all activities performed by the manager who served as manager on duty.
  8. IT Request. Record all requests to the IT department.
  9. Graphic Ticket. Take note of all requests for making graphic design such as brochures, business cards, flyers, etc.
  10. Settings. Module for system master setup.
  11. Other Link. Modules for external link setup.
  12. Escalation Module. Module for escalation system via telegram and email.
  13. Telegram Gateway Module. Module for API telegram gateway.

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