8 Mistakes SEO Technique You Must Avoid


8 Mistakes SEO Technique You Must Avoid

Friends with Google is one of the most appropriate measures taken to small and medium scale businesses or SMEs. Not too large investment needed to build a business through the Internet, where you can shop online for 24 hours / 7 days. Utilizing Google as a media to drive traffic to your online store is one you should do.

Broadly speaking, you can read my previous article about tips for optimizing a website so that Google friendly. Not only SMEs are using Google as a tool to bring traffic to the website, the company – large companies also use Google to increase their sales.

However, even so, you should not rely solely on Google as one – the only channel marketing that you have on the internet. Take advantage of the channel – another channel such as social media (Facebook, Twitter, Google+) and the marketplace (Tokobagus, Tokopedia, trade).

Selection of keywords is the main thing you should look for success in SEO. Bring relevant traffic to your website or online store starting from the selection of the correct keywords. The more specific your keywords, the better the sales conversion also you can do.

When your website has been recognized by Google, you have to keep me-your website maintenance so as not to fall into the most protruding position. All you have to remember is your kompeitor not silent, they continue to perform their website optimization in order to get on top of Google search results. There are 8 mistakes that you should avoid when optimizing your website on Google :

1. Keyword Mistakes


As I said before, the selection of the right keywords is the main entrance of your success in SEO. The more specific your keywords, the better the results and sales conversion you will get.

Usually, the more specific your keywords, the competition on the keywords that were lower. That is, the greater your chance to reach the top faster so they can more quickly bring traffic to your online store or website.

Some of the tools that you can use to perform keyword research for example Google Trend and Ubersuggest that will help you to find the idea of keywords according to your specific market. And use the Google Keyword Planner to see how much search volume for keywords that you choose.

2. Meta Data Misunderstanding

keyword meta data

After you have finished analyzing the keywords you want to use, you will usually enter these keywords into your meta keywords field. At present, it will not affect your ranking in Google. Several years ago, enter keywords into the meta keywords field indeed is one way that you have a website index ter accordance with that keyword.

But now it has changed. I myself would advise you to enter a keyword in the title, description and of course the most important is the content. But remember, do not do spamming.

3. Keywords Spamming

Black Hat SEO

Incorporate keywords into the title, description and content naturally indispensable. Do not get too many repeat the same keyword. If Google knows that your content is not consumed for reader input (human), then Google will remove the page from the search results.

Create content naturally and is consumed for the reader and not a robot. Put keywords in the content which can still be read and understood. Do not be too often enter the same phrases. If you select the keyword “shoes store women”, masukanlah combinations other than phrases such. Eg shoe store, women’s shoes, women shop and so on. Note also the order of the phrases, and do not repeat the same phrases many – times.

4. Bad Link


In SEO there are several types of links. For example Inbound Links or backlinks, link yan is provided by other websites to your website pages. Outbound Links or Link Out, is that you provide a link to another web page. In addition there is also a link that leads to a page on your own website or often called denganInternal Link. Activities to build good links from external websites or from within the website is usually referred to as Link Building.

A few years ago about the year 2007 – 2008, I still remember when the new – learn new SEO I often do a link exchange on the blog. Sometimes I also pay in order to link my website can be placed on the website – a website link building service providers. But now all of that is irrelevant. If Google knows and find your links on websites that are considered not relevant and provide services to exchange links, then your web page will be immediately removed from the search results.

Keep doing link building with relevant content or websites.

5. Bad Directories


One way to do link building is to submit to directories. There are some directories that you can submit for example Yelp, DMOZ and some existing local directory. Directories using the manual review (in a review by humans), are usually preferred by Google.

Google Local or previously known as Google Places is also a good thing for you to watch. Most people are looking for something using keywords based on location (location base keywords), for example “desert restaurant in Bali”. Now that your website or online store you appear on search results add your business profile on Google Local.

Do not submit your website address in the directory are considered using black hat methods by Google. This will cause your rankings in the search results decline or even disappear.

6. Never Update

Bad link building

You normally passion to create content when early – early or when your website will be published. After a while your website is published to the public, you rarely perform the update. Though your competitors perform regular updates.

Google prefers websites that always provide content – new content, so the Google robot will always come to your website more often and perform calculations perengkingan for your website faster.

7. Not Use Social Media

social signal

Nowadays, almost everyone has a good website account that Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Path and others. Although no direct influence, alogirtma Google also consider social signals, ie how the quality and quantity of your updates in a variety of social media.

Some time ago I had met with one of the staff in the Office of the Google Singapore Google Business Group meetup Bali. In the presentation, he said that Google was the forerunner to the backbone of the service Google Search.

8. Satisfied After Reaching the Peak


If you’ve got a good position for the keywords you are targeting, do not be complacent. Keep looking for other keywords that are more focused, niche and can deliver traffic to your website. In addition, keep doing optimization and analysis of keywords and content of your website, because your competitors are also not silent. If you do not perform optimization and analysis on a regular basis, a moment the possibility of your website can also be dropped to the bottom.

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